Remark Director General of Islamic Education

The Director General of Islamic Education has initiated a number of academic programs to strengthen the academic and scholarly quality on Islamic studies through the Directorate of Islamic Higher Edcuation (DIKTIS). It is expected that Islamic Higher Education Institutions (PTKI) are able to prepare Moslem scholars who have knowledge, integrity, professionalism, reputatioon therefore able to promote the development of Islamic civilization through Islamic scholarship.

The graduate programs in Islamic Universities have played par excellence in the field of Islamic Studies in Indonesia. There are so many academic activities that been developed in preparing the graduate scholars to meet the quality standards that been set internationally. This is including collaborative research activities with universities all over the world. AICIS also intended to support the internationalization of both Indonesian Islamic higher education institutions and Indonesian Moslem scholars in many areas of scholarship.

Since AICIS already held in the year of 2000, AICIS has received great attention and participation from scholars whose interest in Islamic Studies in Indonesia and as well as from many other countries in the world that have interst on it. As the biggest international class of Islamic Studies conference event, AICIS participated by more than 75 countries. Here in AICIS we could discuss about many contemporary issues of Islamic Studies with 200 selected best papers from more than 1.500 submitted papers.

The 20th AICIS this years held virtually in the hart of Central Java, Surakarta Indonesia with its theme “Islam in a Changing Global Context: Rethinking Fiqh Reactualization and Public Policy”, AICIS has proveen to be consistent in looking into the development of Islam in the global context. This theme is to response the dynamic changing of Islam in this global world. This theme aims to looking more closely on how fiqh reactualization and public policy seen from an Islamic point of view that keep changing globally. Some mind-teasing sub-themes related to the digital issue are offered for presentations and discussions during the conference. Please kindly check them out in the AICIS One Touch application on google play for further details.

I am very much honored to invite all of you to share your thoughts, studies and literature studies that related to the converence theme this year. Please persue the panel discussions and parallel session to update and exchange your insights. I also invite you to take your opportunities to explore the heart of Java by visiting our webiste at And last but not least, in this changing global world that interconnected, I hope that 2020th AICIS could become strategic venue for all of the participants and presenters to build up collaborative interdisciplinary works in the future.

Have a wonderfull conference experiences.


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