Welcome Speech Rector of UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta

On behalf of the Rector, we welcome the city of Surakarta being chosen as the venue for the 20th AICIS event. UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta is located in this city, therefore we must be actively involved in the success of this annual event—where more than 1000 offline and virtual participants will be involved in with a scientific spirit and full of curiosity.

Under the theme “Islam in a Changing Global Context: Rethinking Fiqh Reactualization and Public Policy”, it is hoped that the 20th AICIS can produce quality manuscripts on related themes and encourage innovative movements in Islamic society. Quality manuscripts will determine the roadmap of civilization and encourage the creation of a progressive and responsive society structure to environmental changes.

The theme of ‘reactualization of fiqh’ is reminiscent of an intellectual from Solo, Munawir Sjadzali (Minister of Religious Affairs in 1983-1993) who in the 1980s and 1990s brought up the idea of ​​re-actualizing Islamic teachings which was very controversial but succeeded in opening up changes in the structure of mind of the Islamic community for the better in religious and national life. The theme of ‘reactualization of fiqh’ has now been considered a necessity or a must and is no longer considered a controversy. This is, of course, thanks to the Islamic reforms driven by the Muslim elites of the 1980s. Therefore, the theme proposed by the Minister of Religious Affairs Yaqut Cholil Qoumas in this 20th annual event is an effort to continue the Islamic reform programs so that it continues to be relevant to national development programs.

Furthermore, UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta is ready to mobilize available resources to support AICIS in October 2021. Hopefully, this annual event will run well and can contribute to the development of the nation. The big and deep ideas of the intellectuals involved in AICIS are expected to be input for national development programs.

Best wishes,


Rector of UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta

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